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Are you using paper towels in the right way?

Toilet paper when used napkins
May 27, the reporter of a city to visit most of the restaurants. Almost all restaurants will provide some paper on the table, but most of these paper towels rough texture, in the course of the dust will fall.
Reporters visited found that toilet paper was some of the restaurant owner as a napkin available to guests. After dinner guests, habitually pick up the toilet paper on the table, ripped off a direct wipe.
Can not tell the specific use of paper products
In a large supermarket in the city, the reporter to buy baby wiping paper on the grounds, I hope the sales staff to help recommend several paper towels.
"This is used to rub the mouth of the baby, the hand can be." Sales staff picked up a reel toilet paper, recommended to reporters.
"This package is written on the toilet paper, there is no dedicated to the baby wipe mouth tissue paper?" Reporter asked.
"Toilet paper can wipe your mouth and rub your hands more effectively than facial tissue." Salespeople insist that toilet paper can be used to wipe the baby.
Reporters carefully examine the shelf sales of toilet paper, found some toilet paper packaging, although printed with "toilet paper" words, but the font is small, not very obvious.
Reporters learned that some long-term sales of paper products sales staff can not distinguish between toilet paper, tissue-specific use.
Public: life often mix paper products, toilet paper is not very hygienic? My home has been only buy toilet paper. "She said:" I generally buy toilet paper in the supermarket, the quality is more at ease. "She said:" I usually buy toilet paper in the supermarket, the quality is more at ease. " "
In a supermarket to buy wipe paper Wang Xin, placed in the shelves of toilet paper looked for a long time, only to find toilet paper printed on the "toilet paper" words, "This word is too small, not easy to find "Although the toilet paper", "Wang Xin did not understand their specific purpose," toilet paper can be used to wipe the mouth? It did not write clearly above.
According to industry sources, toilet paper can be used as raw materials, and paper towels can only use the original pulp; toilet paper bacterial colonies in the total number of grams per gram of paper not more than 600 paper towel does not allow more than 200. High content of bacteria in toilet paper, can not be used to wipe the mouth and wipe all possible entry items, only suitable for toilets. Some restaurants provide inferior toilet paper, bacterial content may be exceeded, but can not be used to wipe the mouth.
Toilet paper easily decomposed with water, and tissue paper water is not easy to break down. Although the tissue paper than toilet paper clean, but also not suitable for tissue paper when used as toilet paper, otherwise it may cause sewer blockage.