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Dongguan paper towels in the secret

Dongguan paper towels look clean and flawless, but in the production process and disinfection level is very different. Where is the difference? After reading these answers you will understand.
The same brand of Dongguan paper towels, your good or cheap good. Two packages of the same facial tissue, a discount promotion, a sale of the original price, which you choose? I believe 90% of people will not hesitate to choose discounted goods. Take two packs of paper towels carefully contrast, in the corner of the bag will be able to find the answer: a pack of paper towels is the quality level of qualified products, another package is first-class goods. In fact, the tissues are divided into superior products, first-class goods and qualified products in three grades, their softness, water absorption, toughness is different, the best products the best first-class products, the worst qualified products, qualified products A lot of indicators with the first half of the products are not up to the price of natural cheaper.
Small restaurants are using tissue paper instead of napkins, this will threaten the health?
Although the two kinds of paper towels are made with the original wood pulp, also undergo a rigorous process of disinfection, but the disinfection standards are completely different, mix will affect the health. Let's use the data to say that the total number of bacteria colonies per gram of tissue paper is 500, and 200 grams per gram of tissues, often with a roll of tissue paper, the bacteria on the paper may pass through the respiratory tract, blood and digestive tract Spread, people infected with enteritis, dysentery and other diseases. 100% primary wood pulp and 100% pure wood pulp? Native wood pulp and pure wood pulp although it sounds little difference, but the concept is completely different, the original wood pulp paper is a new raw material, and pure wood pulp paper may mix There are recycling or recycling of second-hand raw materials. So, despite being labeled 100% reliable, but as a smart buyer, you can certainly choose the best one.
Does the paper towel with fragrance and printing harmful to human body?
Simply wiping sweat, printing and scented paper towels are not only safe, but also increase your femininity. But if used to wipe the mouth, or the original paper towels the best, because any "pattern" are added later, the poor quality of printing paper or perfume paper, the ink and fragrance easily attached to the mouth, and then sneaked into the human body Immune system and endocrine system, affecting the health. Shelf life is generally how long 2 to 3 years. In addition, the tissue once opened, it is equivalent to exposure to air, to accept the test from all sides of the bacteria. In order to ensure the safety of your use, paper towels should be used within 3 months after opening. If used up, the remaining paper towels can be used to clean the glass, furniture and so on. With a wet towel can not wash your hands. This is a big health error. Wet paper towel liquid content is generally 80%, the main ingredient is water and bactericidal drugs, in order to sterilization solution for a long time effectively dissolved in water, wet tissue will be added some chemicals. "Propylene glycol" is a wet paper towel ingredients in the table the highest rate of words