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Ikea paper to tell you how to choose a good toilet paper.
Appearance: ① to see the packaging, select the toilet paper should first check the outer packaging. The product packaging should be neatly sealed, no damage phenomenon; packaging should be printed on the name of the production plant, production date, product level (superior products, first-class goods, qualified products), using the standard number, the implementation of health standards (GB20810- 2006) and other information. ② the appearance of the paper, the paper should be clean, there should be no obvious dead fold, incomplete, damaged, hard block, raw grass tendons, pulp groups and other paper diseases and impurities, paper use should not have serious hair loss Powder phenomenon, the paper should not have residual printing ink.
Whiteness: toilet paper is not the more white the better, there may be added an excessive amount of fluorescent bleach. Fluorescence is the main cause of dermatitis in women, long-term use may also cause cancer. How to tell if fluorescent bleach excess? First with the naked eye should be a natural ivory, or the toilet paper placed in ultraviolet light (such as the money detector) under the irradiation, if there is blue fluorescence to prove containing fluorescent agent. While the brightness is too low will not affect the use of toilet paper, but that the use of raw materials is poor, the same try not to use such products.
Quantitative: refers to the component or the number of sheets is not enough, according to the relevant provisions, the net content of 50 grams to 100 grams of goods, the negative deviation shall not exceed 4.5 grams; 200 grams to 300 grams of goods shall not exceed 9 grams.
Softness: This is an important indicator of toilet paper products, good toilet paper should give a soft and comfortable feeling. The main reason to affect the softness of toilet paper fiber raw materials, wrinkling process. In general, cotton pulp is superior to wood pulp, wood pulp is superior to wheat straw pulp, softness, excessive use of toilet paper to feel rough.
Water absorption: water droplets can be absorbed in the above to see how the speed, the faster the better the water absorption.
Lateral tensile index: is the toughness of paper how to use when it is easy to break. Pure wood pulp paper as long fiber, so the tension is large, toughness, and not easily broken.
Dust: popular point is that much more than paper dust. If the raw material is wood pulp, the degree of dust is not a problem. But if the recycled paper as raw material, and the process is not appropriate, the degree of dust is difficult to achieve compliance.
Eye hole: the hole index is the number of holes in the toilet paper on the wrinkles of the limited requirements, holes will affect the use of paper, too much eye wrinkle toilet paper is not only poor appearance, in use is also easy to damage, wipe effect .
Toilet paper is essential for each household items, good toilet paper is generally a natural milky white or ivory, even fine texture, paper clean, no holes, no obvious dead fold, dust, grass and other tendons. Usually in the supermarket when you visit the supermarket will often see a special paper products, into the shopping cart before, remember to take a closer look, not because of cheap and buy a health worries paper Oh