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What is the difference between napkins and toilet paper?

Life we ​​will use napkins and toilet paper, but these two kinds of paper towels there is a certain difference, Fen Jie paper based on years of rich experience in production, to distinguish between the two different paper towels. From raw material quality, production standards, health requirements, packaging requirements, etc. to distinguish.
Tissue paper towels, including tissues, wipes, etc., are disinfectant products in the health supplies. Toilet paper refers to people's daily life in the use of disposable toilet tissue.
Material quality:
In accordance with national standards, napkins, very susceptible to external pollution before use. Raw materials require the use of virgin pulp, which does not allow the use of recycled fiber raw materials such as waste paper; and toilet paper allows the use of paper in addition to life, medical, packaging paper other than paper manufacturing.
Production standard:
Napkin manufacturers must be approved by the provincial health administrative departments above, the product must be in accordance with the relevant standards of production; and toilet paper only need to meet the mandatory national toilet paper production standards can be.
Health requirements:
Napkins to each paper as a unit and refinement to limit the number of bacteria are not allowed to go beyond the listing; and toilet paper is to determine the total volume of bacteria is not exceeded the standard is qualified.
Packaging requirements:
Napkins require a separate small package to ensure that its use from the factory to maintain a sanitary isolation with the outside world; and toilet paper is usually used in large packaging.