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Did you choose the right tissue?

Everyone has their own choice and vision, you will definitely answer: YES! But the choice of bad tissue will hurt you and your family's health? You do not know, because you do not know much about the life of paper, at this time, you are more at a loss.
Life is not a good or bad to see the paper mill, daily life, daily life of paper mills along with each of us every day life, is the most familiar with our daily necessities, and it is everyone's health is very important Of the ring, but many of us will ignore this ring. So, what tissue paper refers to the product? In short, it includes the cleansing paper we often use - tissue paper, and now on the market there are pumping paper, box pumping paper, soft pumping portable paper towels, wet towels, etc .; dining napkin used (usually by the restaurant The use of household paper towels, so many different types of consumer is not very easy to share the clean-up, the use of toilet paper, paper towels, of.
For tissue paper, the raw material is the first step in health, that is, when the paper pulp used in raw materials. It is precisely because of the price war, and now the market is often a common life of paper mills are recycled with recycled paper manufacturing, such products are flooded with the market, so many unknown consumers in virtually harm their own health. Strictly speaking, this type of recycled pulp is not allowed to process tissue paper. Because a wide range of sources of raw materials pulp, and even used sanitary napkins, newspapers and other waste paper, etc., after recovery by some small factories bleaching or illegal manufacture of illegal dens, and finally to the market. We consumers know more about this knowledge, refused to buy such products, not because cheap cheap. There are also a number of small brands on the market life of paper, product packaging, although the marked raw materials for the 100% wood pulp, in fact only about 30% of the pulp and recycled pulp mixed, the quality has improved, but still not the consumer The health of choice.
In addition to raw materials, but also concerned about the important second step, that is, physical and chemical indicators. Many consumers choose to buy life paper blind pursuit of the brand, the pursuit of delicate, white or fragrance, while ignoring what we really need is its use value and our own health, does not know, it is these hype selling point Hidden murderous. Some manufacturers to cater to consumers like, at the excessive use or add industrial raw materials, so that the product should have the characteristics of this should not have.
Healthy living paper mill standards is actually very simple, that is the choice of high quality raw materials, and in the process of optimizing the process to eliminate secondary pollution, and subject to special disinfection and sterilization treatment; and in addition to the real need to achieve a business sense of mission And a sense of responsibility, but also need a strong industrial base, advanced processing equipment and processing technology, because the tissue is often in contact with people sensitive parts of the skin.
As the saying goes, "disease from the mouth," people in the sweating or dining process, if the use of poor quality tissue, may make your body absorb too much chemical substances, long buried health hazards; if the tissue to carry The pathogenic bacteria, is undoubtedly a greater health adversary, especially for female friends, every day when using the toilet need to be more careful, so as not to damage their health, and then affect the work and life. Identification of quality living tissue should be uniform texture, feel fine soft, natural color, no special smell, rub or tear without dust. Want to know more about this information? You can refer to the following article "tissue classification", "paper towels little common sense."