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Living paper industry competition is also quite intense

In recent years, the life of Dongguan tissue factory industry with rapid development, and in 2009 relative to this year in 2012 production capacity of tissue is expected to be more than five times in 2009. The gap between capacity and spending power is also growing, unknowingly spread in the industry. Industry companies continue to invest in production equipment, streamline and optimize the allocation of resources, the current Heng, APP, Vinda, in four domestic paper mills enterprises in the industry-leading position, the four companies this year, the market share will reach 35 %, Industry concentration to further enhance. The four companies still maintain rapid growth.
Production capacity is really excessive it?
China Paper Association Professional Committee of the relevant survey data show that the current national statistics on the production of tissue paper about 1400, of which only 500 is the base paper production and processing of the integrated factory. New capacity is increasing year by year the development trend of the four years from 2009 to 2012, China's living paper industry has been put into operation and planned production of the new volume were 333,000 tons, 415,000 tons, 574,000 tons and 1,524,000 tons.
Jiang Manxia said that although China in the "paper industry development" second Five-Year Plan "proposed elimination of backward production capacity of the target, but the tissue paper machine factory in Dongguan out of the machine model is not clearly defined, specifically how much backward production capacity is unknown. The industry in accordance with the annual growth rate of 10%, the future stage of overcapacity will be inevitable. The industry will accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, and now China's living paper industry every year about 30 companies were eliminated. The future survival of the fittest industry will bring industry concentration.