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How to identify the quality of paper towel? A good paper factory will have a good paper towel

Dongguan paper towel plant is a paper composition containing 50% or more of waste paper pulp, and the general composition of the original wood pulp paper contains 80% of the original wood pulp. Recycled paper is manufactured in a completely different way from conventional pulp and paper, where a large quantity of chemicals and water is added to the paper and a large amount of electricity and other resources are consumed, as well as useful paper for deinking and other program. On the contrary, the environmental protection paper and the general wood pulp paper manufacturing process is roughly the same, the main difference is that the environmental protection of paper raw materials and the entire manufacturing process are in line with international environmental standards.
1, select the regular Dongguan paper towel factory products, packaging to see whether the health license number, whether printed on the factory name, site and whether the implementation of standards. In addition, the rough and stiff Dongguan paper towel factory, without packaging and disinfection of bulk packaging toilet paper do not buy.
2, depends on the color of paper, pure wood pulp paper without any additives, the color should be natural ivory, texture is relatively uniform. If the white with blue, especially in the fluorescent white dazzling, mostly to add the office waste; if it is yellow in the dust, the surface of dust and more, it is added to ordinary waste paper.
3, depends on the endurance strength, pure wood pulp paper as long fiber, so the tension is large, good toughness, easy to break, and poor quality paper, there are irregular holes and powder out.
4, depends on the results of the fire, a good paper factory in Dongguan after combustion was white-gray, and there will be no other substances left.