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Current Situation of Regional Gap in Domestic Tissue Paper

There is a large variation in the area of ​​Chinese tissue. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong is the country's highest consumption of paper consumption cities and provinces, Beijing and Shanghai living paper per capita consumption of about 8 kg, is gradually close to the level of the developed countries in the world. The southeast coastal area accounts for about 60% of the national total consumption of tissue paper. China's central and western underdeveloped areas in the per capita consumption of paper consumption of less than 1 kg, and other poor countries in Asia and Africa consumption level. China's consumption of urban and rural living paper is also a big difference. In the high-end tissue consumption mainly in urban and rural areas, the main consumption of low-grade toilet toilet toilet paper, in economically backward areas of rural areas, about 60% to 70% of people without conditions to use toilet paper.
China's life paper industry is composed of multiple manufacturers, industry concentration is very low. But the life of the base paper manufacturers are more concentrated. The major national brands are: Vinda, the heart of India, CD Jie Ya, Shu Jie, Mayflower, Jie Rou, breeze, Jieyun, and so on. As the logistics cost reasons, middle and low product market is still dominated by local brands.
The future development of China's tissue market will continue with the national GDP growth, population growth, people's quality of life improvement and other factors are closely related. Consumer demand diversification and the transition to high-end products. With the diversification of domestic retail formats, supermarkets, supermarkets has become the mainstream retail formats, the end market for the importance of tissue enterprises more and more obvious, improve product quality, reduce costs, the development of modern scale production of tissue Business is the trend. But also our company's development goals, our intentions, in exchange for consumer confidence.